Simple peer review and online publication for scholarly journals

Manuscript Manager is an online editorial office that works on your terms.

With us you have your own custom peer review and publication platform without any start-up fees or complicated demos. You only pay for what you use - no hidden extras. Over 300.000 people worldwide use Manuscript Manager. Join us for free and be ready to process and publish manuscripts in a matter of minutes.

  • Simple submission
    Attract the best authors and manuscripts by offering inviting and easy online submission. Learn more...
  • Enjoyable reviewing
    Create simple, tailor-made workflows for your editors and reviewers.
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  • Easy administration
    Stay in control with a dashboard-style overview and real-time updates.
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  • "End to end peer review and publication solution. Review and publish online with us. Our pay as you go policy is great value for small journals and start-ups."

Our discount by volume pricing makes Manuscript Manager affordable for all journals!

Get Started

Up to 50 manuscripts

$995 /year

$15 pr. additional manuscript


Up to 200 manuscripts

$1995 /year

$10 pr. additional manuscript


Up to 500 manuscripts

$2995 /year

$5 pr. additional manuscript


Up to 1500 manuscripts

$3995 /year

$2 pr. additional manuscript
* The above prices based on peer review submissions per annum.
* Customers wishing to take advantage of our publishers platform pay one time publication fee of $14.95 per manuscript.
* There are no set up charges, support and hosting fees or hidden extras.


Custom solution

Manuscript Manager is a web service offering a user-configurable solution for processing scholarly manuscripts. We designed it so that we can help you quickly configure your own custom solution, while enjoying a fully featured editorial office. No need for a big check to get started.


We will set-up your editorial office for you with all the standard settings and help you adjust settings and texts so that the program is configured to work on your terms. You learn as you go, so you can get familiar with all the features and know exactly how the editorial office works before you start accepting manuscripts. It's fast and It's free

Going live

When you are ready, you go live and start accepting manuscripts for review. The dashboard with graphs and reports will give you a real-time overview of submissions, progress and performance, so you never miss a beat. The online submission and review forms are easy to understand and complete by authors and reviewers. Reminders and alerts are sent to reviewers automatically. All correspondence is logged, giving a real-time overview of the status and history of each manuscript.

All correspondence to editors, reviewers and authors is kept within the editorial office, so nothing is lost.

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