Manuscript Manager 5.0

New design coming in 2021

We are proud to present a sneak peek of our upcoming version 5.0.

Introducing Manuscript Manager 5.0

In 2021, a new graphics design will greet you, as you log into your Manuscript Manager account. We also introduce a series of new tools.

A warm welcome

The first thing you will notice is that the new design features a dramatically cleaner look and feel. A more modern and welcoming login page will be present for all journals.

peer review system, customizable submission interface for authors
peer review system platform, fully-featured for editors

A more coherent user experience

A great motivation for this update is to create a user experience with better navigational cues. 

Taking advantage of modern web development standards, we are cleaning up clutter, while highlighting the tasks at hand for all users.

Preparing for even more tools

In recent years, we have been adding a lot of functionality to the core product, while also integrating to external tools on a monthly basis.

With this new design, we are making it easier to present our journal customers to new and exciting tools – now and in the future.

peer review system, customizable submission interface for authors

New tools 

In the wake of version 5.0, you can expect a lot of new features and integrations coming.
See the latest examples here:

Active Author Guidelines

Manuscript Manager in collaboration with presents Active Author Guidelines: An author facing, machine-learning-powered manuscript pre-checker, designed to improve the accuracy of the author’s submission before it lands in your editorial office inbox. integration

We are proud to announce our partnership with, offering a citation and reference checker tool integrated into the Manuscript Manager peer review platform.

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Manuscript Manager encourages customers and business partners to uphold high standards in peer review. Thus, we refer to the standards of DOAJ, COPE and OASPA, when considering partnerships.